Valentines’ Gifts for Friends: Ideas That Your Bestie Will Love

valentine day gifs for friends
  • February 17, 2023

Valentine's Day undoubtedly brings to mind a few things - flowers, chocolate, jewelry, but most importantly, love. Valentine's Day is a great time to show how much you care with a heart-given gift. But what makes an ideal gift?


You have probably seen some cliché and much-to-be-desired gift ideas that become dust collectors over time. According to a Hallmark survey, an estimated 145 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged in the United States alone, so finding the right gift beyond the usual greeting card can be challenging.


With this simple guide, you can find Valentine's gifts for friends, teacher Valentine's gifts, Valentine's gifts for a best friend, and many more Valentine's Day gift ideas. Continue reading for creative and personalized gift ideas that are worth more than a million words.


A Timeless Tradition

Valentine's Day is a centuries-old holiday with deep historical roots. Legends surround the event's meaning and origins, from an ancient fertility ceremony, a Roman courtship festival, a feast commemorating Saint Valentine, and a French medieval court game of law and love.

Whatever its origins, Valentine's Day has evolved into a universal tradition that celebrates love in all its forms. On February 14, Finland celebrates Friend's Day. Mexico honors The Day of Love and Friendship. Not to mention Galentine's Day, a day dedicated to female friendship and platonic love.


Valentine's Day honors the timeless act of giving and receiving love and affection. Whether it's to your instructor who motivates you, your closest friend who supports you or your caregiver who nurtures you.


Just as important, it's also about celebrating who you are and the value you bring. Holiday or not, there is no grander gesture of self-love than that.


So, whatever kind of love you may be experiencing on Valentine's Day, acknowledge and cherish it because that is what the day is truly about!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

There is never a wrong time to show appreciation. Why not start by celebrating those nearest and dearest to us with a heartfelt gift?


Having a good sense of your loved one's personality will help you decide what kind of gift they would appreciate the most. Here are some unique and original Valentine's Day gift suggestions:


Valentine's Gift for Best Friend

Friendship bracelets represent an enduring connection between friends, like the Halcyon Days Agama Sparkle Friendship Bangle. Created in orange Agama, 18-karat gold, and inlaid crystals, it's sure to enhance the sparkle of your friend's personality as the ideal BFF gift.


A Marian Maurer Zodiac Medal is another fun way to show how much you care. With this handcrafted necklace, you can capture your friend's unique character. Its satin finish and delicate cable chain will undoubtedly make your closest friend feel as luxurious as the piece's 18-karat yellow gold!


Teacher Valentine Gifts

A notebook is both a thoughtful and a practical gift. They can be used to find inspiration, achieve goals, and record personal growth. With its stylish and compact design, the hand-made, velvet-covered First Snow Velvet Notebook by Delaney Berry is a great way to express gratitude to your valued instructor.


Create an ideal pairing with the ACME Collage Roller Ball Pen by Charles & Ray Eames, complete with the artist's engraved signature. Make your favorite teacher's days extra special with a pen that symbolizes their creativity, intellect, and dedication. It will serve as a lasting reminder of you as he or she continues to educate and inspire others.


Valentine's Gifts for Friends and Family

Memories are forever. Preserve one of those moments in an exquisite L'Objet Deco Noir Frame. Your photograph will be surrounded by handcrafted noir platinum, white Swarovski crystals, and satin and leather material worthy of your best moments.


A creamer and sugar bowl are also a unique gift that can add vibrancy and style to any space. Fill it with lovely blooms or display it as a decorative element. The MacKenzie-Childs Heirloom Tea Vase in hand-painted glass and gold embellishments is sure to add a personalized touch to your family home.


And nothing unites families more than a good meal. Shared recipes and the loving care with which they are made are the ingredients that bind loved ones together. The hand-decorated MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Recipe Box is the ideal gift to preserve family history and tradition while making priceless memories.


Valentine's Gifts For Children

Children are our most precious treasures. The Lalique Amoureuse Beaucoup Pendant, made with pink crystal and sterling silver, is a classic symbol of love. Pair it with a Tutu du Monde Winters Blossom dress to make your child feel like a princess! Its endearing tulle skirt, satin ribbon, and pink blossom beads and sequins will delight your child's imagination.


Lastly, decorate a nursery or children's room with a charming Meri Meri Pom Pom Cushion. Made with the softest velvet and cotton, this colorful pillow is sure to liven up your young one's space.


Valentine's Gifts For Parents

Watches are long-lasting and durable. There is no greater feeling than giving your loved one something they will use and enjoy. Give your mother the gift of time with an 18-karat gold Halcyon Days Maya Watch to make each passing moment for her more meaningful.


Finally, give your father, a personal and practical gift with a Tokens & Icons Indian Head Penny Wallet. Made with premium leather and polyester that features an authentic, quality-engraved Indian Head Penny, your loved one will cherish it for years to come.


Celebrate Love

To love and feel loved is truly a blessing. We often forget to stop and recognize the individuals who enrich our lives with our busy schedules and the daily grind. While expressing love does not require a special occasion, it can be an ideal opportunity to show how much you care.


Our passion is creating memorable moments with Valentine's day gift ideas, from Valentine's gifts for friends, teacher Valentine gifts, Valentine's gifts for a best friend, and more. Contact us for inspiring gift ideas that are sure to make your loved ones feel extra special!


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